Birth Testimonials

PTDC-Pic8I cannot say enough positive things about Trang Onderdonk and here is why you should have her by your side while bringing life into the world. Trang is truly a gifted doula whose compassion and commitment to her work shine through.  I first reached out to Trang in my last trimester before my daughter Juliana was born. Being a new, expectant mother, I was afraid about my impending labor and wanted the least amount of medical interventions possible.  Trang spoke to me several times and met with me and my husband before I gave birth. Her approach and caring attitude made me feel like I had known her forever and I was comfortable with having her in my delivery room. I went into labor in the early morning and within a very short period of time Trang was by my side at the hospital. We did laps around the maternity floor and she was able to keep my upbeat and positive the entire time. Not only did we walk, she worked tirelessly through approximately 20 hours providing skilled massage, counter pressure, and acupressure techniques. Trang worked hand in hand with my doctor and nurses as well as being present or invisible whichever was needed at the time. When my daughter was born, Trang was as excited as my mom and it sincerely felt like Juliana was a part of her family. My birth experience was truly enriched having Trang’s support and I am so happy to say that this doula became my forever friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Trang!

Amy – Wayne, New Jersey


I didn’t have a birth doula with my first two deliveries.  When I delivered my 2nd baby, I experienced a spinal headache (from the epidural) for a full week after delivery.  It was an unpleasant experience that prompted me to strive for a natural delivery the third time around.  To accomplish this, I knew I would need a birth doula for support.  I met Trang and knew right away she was the one I wanted with me, along with my husband.

During the laboring and birthing process, Trang accompanied me the whole time providing emotional and physical support and encouragement.  She helped me keep focus on my goal, which I consider a success because I made it to 10cm and pushed without an epidural.  In the end, my situation warranted a medical emergency c-section.  Even after a long laboring process, Trang continued to stay with me in the operating and recovery room.  It must have been a good 10 hours she was with me without any breaks for herself.  She completely dedicated herself to me and my care.

From the very beginning, Trang was very caring and motherly towards me, checking up with me several times before my due date, and following up with me several times after delivery.   When I got home from the hospital, she made sure all of my basic needs were met:  did I get sleep?  did I eat?  did I shower?  And asked me how I was feeling.  Her focus wasn’t just about my newborn…it was about ME.  Other support people like friends and family tend to forget about the mom and what the mom has been through.  They immediately want to see and hold the baby.  With Trang, her concern is you, the mom.  She made several visits bringing delicious food and completely took over the household and the care of my newborn. I was extremely thankful to have her.

Karen – Glen Rock, NJ


Working with Trang as my birth doula was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made. Her calm demeanor, knowledge of childbirth, and dedication are just a few of her exceptional qualities. From the day we met her, she walked us through the exercises and was always available when we had questions leading up to the birth of our baby. The day of delivery, Trang showed up at 6am, prepared with all of her equipment. Seeing her was a relief! I didn’t even have to say a word. She could tell from my facial expressions where I needed to be massaged or what position I needed to be in. Because of Trang, I was able to go beyond my goal of 5-6cm dilation before asking for an epidural. She stayed with me the entire time and did not take one break. Instead, she just ate quick snacks in the corner! Post delivery, Trang showed up at my house with homemade turkey chili and blueberry muffins that lasted us a whole week. She showed me so many tricks on how to take care of my baby and walked me through bathing and breastfeeding. I wish we could keep her forever, haha! I highly recommend Trang if you are considering a doula. You will not regret the investment.

Anita- West New York, New Jersey


We had the pleasure of having Trang as our doula during the birth of our son. He is our first child and we are new to the area. We did not have any close friends or family near by for support. I had many worries about going into labor while my husband was away on business or at work and feeling nervous about doing everything alone. Then we met Trang! She immediately made me feel relaxed and supported. She helped us prepare for the birth of our son with helpful reading materials, exercises, and relaxation tips. She was always easy to communicate with and available to answer questions. She gave kind instructions to my husband so he could be actively involved in my labor (which meant so much to me).  Trang came over to our home as soon as we determined I was in real labor and she stayed with us through the whole beautiful thing. My husband and I were so incredibly grateful to have Trang’s experience and calm, reassuring spirit with us. She guided us gently through the whole event and even helped us determine the best time to leave for the hospital. I truly believe I was able to stay more calm and relaxed during my labor because of her presence. I would highly recommend Trang to anyone in search of a doula. She is a fantastic doula!! I actually look back on my labor journey and smile. Thank you, Trang for being there!! You were indispensable that day!

God bless!

Angela and Mark- Bayonne, NJ


Postpartum Testimonials


Trang became our postpartum Doula when my son George was six weeks old. I was an exhausted overwhelmed mother with a toddler running around and a new baby who didn’t yet sleep through the night. Trang came in and helped me with literally everything in my life. She brought me delicious food, helped me keep my house tidy, helped me with (seemingly endless) laundry and most importantly nurtured and loved baby George like he was her own. I finally started to get some rest and feel like I could get my head above water with her help! To this day when George sees Trang he lights up and reaches for her! He absolutely loves her! She is a person with endless patience and a heart of gold and would be a welcome addition to any family in need!

Erin -Wyckoff, New Jersey


I didn’t even know what a postpartum doula was before I met Trang. Now I know how helpful having one can be. I am a board certified veterinary internist with years of medical training under my belt. I waited until I was 38 years old and had been married for over 7 years to have my first child yet I felt overwhelmed and frankly a bit clueless about motherhood. Trang is kind, warm, and most importantly, knowledgable. I found her to be genuinely caring and it was easy to talk to her about anything even the first time we met. She helped me with laundry, figuring out things I did and did not need, breast feeding, and had tips regarding my health and the health of my baby. Not only did I feel comfortable with her in my home, I really enjoyed having her there. Sometimes as a new mom you really just need someone to listen to you, assist you, and advise you in a friendly and nonjudgmental way. Trang is that person and I would recommend her without hesitation. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her and continue to reach out to her and perhaps more amazingly her to me to check in. I really appreciate her and her advice. I can’t imagine anyone not benefiting from her support!

Suzanne- Hawthorne, New Jersey


After a high risk pregnancy  that ended up in strict bed rest, my husband and I knew we needed some expert help to care for baby and I postpartum while I got back on my feet. Trang came as a lifesaver the first day I got back home from the hospital: After a 48 hr induced labor followed by a c-section, I clearly remember dragging my feet from bed to the living room with my empty bottle of water in hand, hoping to fill it out on the way to meet her.. Trang grabbed it from me, filled it up, helped me sit on the couch, got pillows all around me, then proceeded to lift my feet up on a footstool. Two minutes later, she whipped out a plate of deliciously cold and sweet cantaloupe for me to snack on– I knew then I was going to love this woman for life.

I can honestly say that I trust and value Trang’s opinion in all aspects regarding breastfeeding, pumping and storing breast milk, and healthy eating/meals, she even showed me how to properly bathe my little one. Most importantly, I was able to truly relax knowing that my newborn was in good hands while I caught up with some well needed sleep..

Angie -Hoboken, New Jersey


I delivered my son via emergency c-section and a couple weeks after being home alone with him, because my husband works long hours during the day and I do not have family in the area, I was desperate for help! In a panic, I got on the internet and found postpartum doulas and Trang’s name came up.  I immediately called her and she was nice enough to agree to see me the next day! When she came over she made sure I had water and a meal. She made me a fresh arugula salad for lunch and a delicious pot of soup for me and my husband to have for dinner. She helped me with nursing and provided advice. When my son fell asleep she urged me to get some rest while she took care of my laundry and tidied up my home. She was so caring and nurturing with my son and me. After her visit, she continued to check in with me and made herself available when I had questions or just needed to talk to someone. She was the support that I needed to get through my postpartum time. It was like having my mother or best friend there. I would highly recommend her to anyone!!

Amanda- Ridgewood, New Jersey


Trang was a great help to me when we brought our second daughter home from the hospital. Everything from cooking, to helping us keep the house tidy while also helping me with the baby and my two and a half-year-old daughter. It made the transition so much smoother. She was really wonderful and we felt very comfortable with her in our home!

Jennifer -New City, New York